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Mohamed Beyan



The story of African Village Restaurant owner, Mohamed Beyan, is one of hope even during times of profound loss, and it is this spirit which underlies his restaurant. 


Fleeing his home of Addis Adaba because of war, Mohamed became separated from his family at a young age in the chaos. Arriving alone to a refugee camp in Kenya at the age of 14, with nothing but a desire to work hard and survive - something forged in his spirit through the entrepreneurial ways of his family and tribe - he started his first restaurant in the camp, Hotel da’Afrique. 


After years of displacement and hardship, overcome only by enduring with hope, Mohamed was eventually granted refugee status in Australia in 1998. After opening various businesses, by 2014, he returned to his original dream of a restaurant, opening the doors of the African Village Restaurant in Torrensville, Adelaide. 


Forged in the spirit of his own story, the African Village Restaurant is a space of hope and connection for people from throughout the community and a means for staying aligned to the roots and history which define Mohamed’s journey. Mohamed’s hope is that it can serve as an anchor point from which to face a new future, alongside his community, together.

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